Whisk Factor Confection's mission is to get delicious, fresh baked and socially moving baked goods to all. 

This comfy packaging sends a familiar, warming message to all potential customers, with the natural earth tones giving a sense of fresh, staple home ingredients. The packaging is also chic, just like the company's founder. I designed:


Whisk Factor is a confectionary/ bakery that specializes in creating delicious baked good mixes and confectionaries. To create personas for Whisk Factor, I must have first understood the target audience of the brand. Here are a few personas that are relevant for Whisk Factor:

Persona 1: The Baker

Persona 2: The Sweet Tooth

Persona 3: The Health Nut

By understanding the needs and desires of these personas, Whisk Factor can tailor their offerings and marketing to appeal to each group.

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