The Challenge

Duolingo invited me to tackle a unique design challenge – crafting a seamless fitness experience called "Sweatness" that integrates into their existing app ecosystem, including Duolingo Music and Duolingo Math. This meant staying true to their established design DNA while adding my own creative spin to the user experience.  💚

This challenge included 3 distinct design deliverables:

final profile. Include designs for all states, flows, and/or actions that show how a user might follow (and unfollow) Duo

My Approach

Instead of building an entirely separate app, I envisioned "Sweatness" as a natural extension of the Duolingo universe. This is typically how Duolingo approaches new features, seeing Duolingo as the MVP and examples like Math, Music and Sweatness/Fitness as post-MVP features within the app itself. 

Here's how I approached the design:

Sketches and Design Considerations

A challenge I faced

While designing the fitness flow for Duolingo, I encountered a pivotal challenge: crafting a header layout that effectively presented key user information (username, location, bio, profile avatar) while seamlessly aligning with Duolingo's visual identity. This involved meticulously constructing a design system from the ground up, including importing hex codes and defining font sizes.

My Approach:

My design solutions


Solution 1

Solution 2

Final solution

Daily Activity at-a-glance

The Outcome

My design proposal not only addressed the challenge of creating a cohesive fitness experience within the Duolingo family but also injected playful innovation and gamification to keep users engaged. I went above the challenge scope and included an interactive Splash screen and an onboarding flow idea. 

Final Screens

What did I learn?

This project allowed me to demonstrate my ability to work with established design systems while adding my own creative vision – a valuable skill for any product designer.

This challenge helped me show that I can:

I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to design this concept for the Design team @ Duolingo!