interactive media research papers & a/v projects

Facebook Gaming- Interactive Media/Gaming based Research Paper


Browne, Ryan. “Facebook Is Shutting down Its Game Streaming App after Struggling to Challenge Amazon's Twitch.” CNBC, CNBC, 30 Aug. 2022,

Interactive Media News Paper

User-Centered Design/UX Research


User Research: What It Is and Why You Should Do It


User-Centered Design/UX Research Reflection Journal

Interactive Media- Audio Short Story

Here is a 25 second Audio short story. It opens with an Owl (my favorite sound) in the country, with calming light rain. You can hear common, and oddly familiar and welcoming sounds of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing. 

Interactive Media- Video Short Story

Coffee Tutorial

Start to finish, shot using iPhone & Edited with FCP.

Persona Creation & Demographics

Based on The Lab Skincare

Persona Creation - The Lab