The Challenge

I was given an opportunity to enhance the Smoothie King app by addressing issues related to WCAG compliance, accessibility, and intuitive design. The revised app is now user-friendly, aligns with business needs, and guides users effectively to minimize potential drop-offs.

Identifying a problem, then solving it

My approach

I tackled the Smoothie King app redesign with a user-centered approach, focusing on accessibility, clarity, and engagement. My goal was to create a streamlined experience that promotes healthier living while respecting the brand's identity.

Here were some of the app's initial weaknesses: 

Competitor Analysis

Figjam session was had to discover some difficulties in the UX, mostly content-heavy.

Revised solution

Reimagined onboarding screen

Introducing a personalized user flow with a customized onboarding screen, accessible through the "Get started" button when users opt to create an account. For those choosing not to sign up immediately, a non-intrusive reminder about the benefits of joining for rewards is provided, ensuring they can still place orders without mandatory sign-up.

A challenge I faced

Balancing WCAG accessibility guidelines with Smoothie King's vibrant red branding presented a hurdle. I needed to ensure high contrast for visually impaired users while maintaining the brand's energetic vibe. Additionally, integrating the rewards program seamlessly without overwhelming users was initially challenging.

My Approach:

Components for the win

Revamping the reward system to benefit both users and the business involved incorporating card components that pop up, notifying users about their rewards. Unlike the initial solution limited to the homepage, these cards now appear during crucial actions like starting an order, ensuring users are aware of their rewards. This approach introduces subtle gamification elements, encouraging users to engage more with the app.

Solution 1

Solution 2

The Outcome

Redesigning the Smoothie King app involved integrating a new, more accessible design system for a consistent look. The improved aesthetics, strategic gamification, and personalized health tips increased user engagement and loyalty. The app now reflects an empowered and intuitive wellness community.

Final Screens - Mobile Ordering

What did I learn?

This project proves my ability to identify user needs, translate them into design solutions, and achieve measurable results. My commitment to user-centered design and accessibility ensures I create interfaces that are both beautiful and usable for everyone.

I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to design this concept for the Design team @ Smoothie King!