Hiya! My name is Jordyn Harrison. I am a UX/UI Designer with 6+ relevant years of combined web, graphic and UI design experience, 100+ clients, and over 3,600 business sales worldwide. I am Adobe Illustrator Certified as of July 2021, and Google UX Foundations certified. I was taught the traditional core values of design, but it was and always will be my goal to innovate within the industry. With a passion to empathize and brainstorm, I am eager to create & simplify technology and software for everyone to not only use- but to enjoy as well. I am always looking for a creative outlet or a solution to solve things. I brag about building my first from-scratch HTML website when I was 6. I've won several awards and had a few pieces of artwork auctioned off before I had left primary school.

I'd describe myself as being a very passionate, colorful, and determined designer. Growing up all over America has given me many opportunities to see different places and meet tons of new people from different backgrounds. Due to this, I am also extremely outgoing! I have been progressively designing since two-thousand ten, working with numerous clients and businesses- local and national. I have regular clients in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and D.C, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia to name a few. I attended a four-year design academy which gave me lots of creative direction and a great space to learn and expand on prior knowledge, along with a local client base. Designing is a skill I have progressively worked on and have gotten better with over time.

Other than freelancing, I also created and currently run a graphic shirt and custom photo gift business, which has collectively accumulated over 3,100 sales nationally, with customers in all 50 states and in addition, to 7 international countries. In my free time, I pride myself on doing the most I can to help people, and spend time caring for myself, others, animals, and the earth that harbors us all. I spend a great amount of time testing and curating new recipes, baking, and enjoying music. I also speak to a variety of people, confident in my craft and spreading the word about UX/UI design and what it does for us. Learning multiple languages is a big priority for me as well, so I am currently practicing Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish.

My end goal is to continue to work with clients by marketing, branding and expressing ideas to get a message across. I hope to inspire other young black girls trying to get into this industry. I am influenced by many positive surroundings, as well as design and art role models such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Rand. In the future, I plan on expanding my portfolio throughout the years. I have hopes to relocate closer to Washington, D.C. and work for a modern media company.

My Technical Skills & Experience

Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign)

Final Cut Pro



Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint)


HTML, Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress

Human-Computer Interaction, WIMPGUI


My Full Resume (.pdf link)

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My table set up for a career fair, where I showcased some of my passion projects, made sense of what it's like on the job & answering questions on UX and Graphic Design. You can tell I'm so passionate about what I do, hence the "Accept our cookies" cookie display, The Adobe CCupcakes, and the Cara-malfunction favors (caramel). I love a good pun, always. I'm a proud tech geek!

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Let's get social!

Keep up with me and my projects on Instagram! @jrdnhrrsndesign