About Jordyn

I specialize in brand identity, user experience and interface design. I work with clients around the US, but am open to working abroad. Currently I am located in the Northeast Baltimore area. 

I have 6+ relevant years of combined web, graphic and UI design experience, 100+ clients, and over 3,600 business transactions worldwide. I am Adobe Illustrator Certified as of July 2021, and Google UX Foundations certified. I was taught the traditional core values of design, but it was and always will be my goal to innovate within the industry. With a passion to empathize and brainstorm, I am eager to create & simplify technology and software for everyone to not only use- but to enjoy as well.

 I am always looking for a creative outlet or a solution to solve things. I brag about building my first from-scratch HTML website when I was 6. I've won several awards and had a few pieces of artwork auctioned off before I had left primary school. 

I'd describe myself as being a very passionate, colorful, and determined designer. Growing up all over America has given me many opportunities to see different places and meet tons of new people from different backgrounds. I am also extremely outgoing! I have been progressively designing since two-thousand ten, working with numerous clients and businesses- local and national. I have regular clients in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and D.C, California, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia to name a few. I attended a four-year design academy which gave me lots of creative direction and a great space to learn and expand on prior knowledge, along with building a rapport with clientele and collaborators. Designing is a skill I have progressively worked on and have gotten better with over time.

Other than freelancing, I also created and currently run a graphic shirt and custom photo gift business, which has collectively accumulated over 3,100 sales nationally, with customers in all 50 states and in addition, to 7 international countries. In my free time, I pride myself on doing the most I can to help people, and spend time caring for myself, others, animals, and the earth that harbors us all. I spend a great amount of time testing and curating new recipes, baking, and enjoying music. I also speak to a variety of people, confident in my craft and spreading the word about UX/UI design and what it does for us. Learning multiple languages is a big priority for me as well, so I am currently practicing Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish. I also enjoy writing research papers on topics I'm most passionate about- all things tech, design and Interactive Media.


My end goal is to continue to work with clients by marketing, branding and expressing ideas to get a message across. I hope to inspire other young black women trying to get into this industry. I am influenced by many positive surroundings, as well as design and art role models such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Rand. In the future, I plan on expanding my portfolio throughout the years. I have hopes to relocate closer to Washington, D.C. and work for a museum impacting change locally, and globally.