This is an app that allows users to seamlessly cover their portion of money owed. This was a 4-week UX design and research passion project. Tools used for this were Adobe Illustrator and Figma. Spleck is the easiest way to split expenses with friends and family and end stressing about “who owes who”. The app can be used to organize group bills for households, trips, and more. The mission is to reduce the stress and awkwardness that money places on our most important relationships.

Spleck is great for:

- Roommates splitting rent and apartment bills

- Group trips

- Splitting a vacation house for skiing or at the beach

- Weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties

- Couples sharing relationship costs

- Friends and co-workers who go out to lunch or dinner together frequently

- Loans And so much more


Maximize user experience by allowing them to access all of their cards in one app and not limit themselves to who and when they can pay- at user’s discretion.

Deliver a viable option for users who struggle with requesting payment and leaving behind the days of the “I forgot” late payments.

Research found that...

While a common rule of thumb is that, unless discussed ahead of time, diners should expect to split a tab equally, research suggests most diners don't actually do this in practice. In fact, two-thirds of those surveyed do not split the bill evenly when dining out with friends.

The increasing use of smartphones across the world has provided potential growth opportunities for bill splitting apps.

An estimated 46% Growth in this app industry, based on global need.

Figma Prototype

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